Ayak + Por

Ayak + Por was published in 2014, followed by Ayak + Por: The lonely sultan in 2015 and the third and final album Ayak + Por: The somethingologist in 2016. Read the review of Ayak + Por 1 on Broken Frontier.
The Belgian award winning author Marc Legendre wrote the stories, I drew them.
The first album was translated and published in French in 2016. Publisher was Kramiek / Groupe Paquet.

Ayak + Por was published by Strip2000. Sadly this publisher does no longer exist.

Ayak + Por 1

Uitgeverij Strip2000, 2014
ISBN 9789 4628 000 21

In the coverstory Ayak + Por – A worn out teapot (written by Belgian award winning author Marc Legendre) Ayak, myhtical creature Por and the professor seek shelter in an abandoned house, after their bio sphere, way back in Kamchatka, exploded. This is the start of a strange adventure.

Peter and the wolf is my own version of Prokofiev’s musical tale.

In The old painter and the sea (Marc Legendre) a great artist, who in his long career has painted almost everything, takes on the task to paint the sea.
But that turns out to be no easy task …

Ayak + Por 2 – De eenzame sultan (The lonely sultan)

Uitgeverij Strip2000, 2015
ISBN 9789 4628 01 332

At the end of their first adventure Ayak, the Professor and Por find themselves in a sunny and sandy street in a foreign town. When they ask a local where they are everybody runs away and hides. “Hide yourselves! He is on his way!!” the people shout. “That’s funny, they are playing hide-and-seek,” Ayak thinks, finding a place to hide herself.
But is the situation really that playful?

Ayak + Por 3 – De ietsoloog (The somethingologist)

Uitgeverij Strip2000, 2016
ISBN 9789 4628 02 452

The Professor, Ayak and Por travel to Scotland. A fellow traveler invites them to his castle/hotel, but asks them to prove a real monster lives in the lake next to his castle. That proof would make his hotel much more attractive for tourists. The professor has his doubts (after all he is specialized in creatures that do not exist), but by chance they also meet a somethingologist, who loves to discover “something”.
But is there really something to be discovered? And if so, would that be something people would like to find out about?

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