Wilbert van der Steen WvdS Comics Steenbook
Wilbert van der Steen WvdS Comics Steenbook

Born: 1966. I started as an illustrator and cartoonist in 1993 and worked for several Dutch and some foreign publishers since. Between 2000 and 2006 I made illustrative paintings and added short tales to them. I illustrated many children’s books, four of them were picturebooks I made in association with writer Tiny Fisscher. I also wrote a children’s book (10+), the illustrated adventure Pension Kat (B&B Cat). This reminded me of my childhood dream to become a comic artist.
In 2009 I set my first steps into the comic world. In 2013 my short comic Peter and the wolf, an adaptation of Prokoviev’s story, put me in the comic world’s spotlight an I came in touch with the Flemish prize winning comic writer Marc Legendre. In August 2014 we published our first comic book Ayak + Por (read the review here) and two more followed. In 2017 I won the award Willy Vandersteenprijs 2017 for my graphic novel ZON (=SUN).
I am a member of the Dutch Designers Association (BNO).
You can contact me through the contact page or LinkedIn.


  • Sept 27, Salto & Ubba Boek 1 is released officially.
  • Sept 26, LICHT won Album Of The Year 2020 by Het Stripschap.
  • May, a one pag comic of Salto & Ubba in SNGFSTVL&Strips. A comic book about the Eurovision SonContest.
  • April started Steenbook publishing.
  • March 19 2021, the crowdfundcampaign for Salto & Ubba is funded succesfully.
  • February 11, my crowdfundcampaign for SALTO & Ubba is active on the site of Voordekunst. Taht includes funds for transaltions into English, French and Spanish., they will be for digital comics.
  • My book LICHT is nominated for Album of the Year 2020 by Het Stripschap.
  • January, making plans for a crowd fund to realize my gay comic Salto & Ubba.


  • SALTO & UBBA, a Gay Comic, work in progress, writing and sketching
  • LICHT, the dramatic comic book that follows ZON. Published by BLOAN, imprint of Standaard Uitgeverij.
  • BURTTEES, opened a shop on Spreadshirt. Gay Designs printed on t-shirts, hoodies, tanktops, mugs, bags, buttons and more. Zee the store on my homepage.


  • Work in progress of the story following my award winning graphic novel ZON (=SUN). The title will be: LICHT (=LICHT). You can find some images here and here. SUN is also available as an e-comic on Europe Comics.


  • Publication Chemo-Kasper, jacht op de slechte kankercellen. Comic book about child oncology made for the Prinses Maxima Centrum
  • Europe Comics added SUN, the translation of my award winning graphic novel ZON to it’s collection.
  • Nomination ZON for Album of the year 2017 by Het Stripschap. My graphic novel is one of the five nominations.
  • Publication ‘Voor Wie De Liefde’ book with poems about love by Geert Briers. I made one comic and one illustration to two poems. Pulshers: Vrijdag and Ballon Media.


  • Award my graphic novel ZON won the Willy Vandersteenprijs 2017. An award for the best Dutch story in year 2017.
  • Publication graphic novel ZON, published by BLLOAN of Ballon Media, Antwerp, Belgium
  • Publication comic book, a special anniversary edition SUSKE EN WISKE, DE CHARMANTE CHIRURG. Published by de Standaard / de Fameuze Fanclub


  • Publication comic book Ayak+Por 3, De ietsoloog (The somethingologist)
  • Publication Ayak+Boris T1, French translation of Ayak+Por 1
  • 7de HEMEL (7th HEAVEN) a Dutch short comic, see it online
  • Duplex publication. A book with 8 graphical poems from 8 couples. Collaborations between poets and comic artists. Published by Strip2000 together with Zone5300. Three pages graphical poem ‘SCHEPPING’ was made by poet Marije Langelaar and me.
  • Ayak+Por 1 got the nomination for Silvester Strips Debuutprijs 2016. A bi-annual price for comics published between April 2014 and March 2016.


  • Publication: Ayak+Por 2, De eenzame sultan (The lonely sultan)
    Second story of Ayak + Por, the lonely sultan, written by Marc Legendre.
  • Publicatie: De halsdoek van Cunera. Historic tales about Cunera, patroness of Rhenen (the Netherlands). Made by a group of comic artists in the city of Utrecht.


  • Publication: Op missie (On mission) – 10 veterans stories drawn by 10 comic artists. De shorts are 5 pages each and have their own cover. So 10 different books with the same content. Publication date October 2014.
  • Cover ZONE5300 and inside ZONE EXPO
  • Publication Ayak+Por, three short stories Published by Strip2000
    – In the coverstory Ayak+Por – A worn out teapot (written by Belgian award winning author Marc Legendre) Ayak, myhtical creature Por and the professor seek shelter in an abandoned house, after their bio sphere, way back in Kamchatka, exploded. This is the start of a strange adventure.
    Peter and the wolf is my own version of Prokofiev’s musical tale.
    – In The old painter and the sea (written by Marc Legendre) a great artist, who in his long career has painted almost everything, takes on the task to paint the sea. But that turns out to be no easy task …
  • June 2014 Publication of Ayak & Por in Strike, digital Flemish comic magazine.
  • May2014, Stripnieuws nr.55 (Comic news)within a small interview, some images of my work and my short comic Of the old painter and the sea published in 2 parts. And the cover is mine.
  • 3rd May 2014 Free Comic Book Day. My short comic Peter and the wolf is part of it.


  • My art is also te be seen on the site Galerie Dessins. Please take a look by clicking here.
  • 12 pages comic A worn-out Teapot (working title) written by Marc Legendre.
  • Publicaon The dance of the envoys. Teamproject of DE INKTPOT, group of local artists.
  • Stopt drinking alcohol on 22 August.
  • 10 pages comic Of the old painter and the sea written by Marc Legendre. Publication is programmed in Strike 3 and 4, a digital magazine of de Vlaamse Stripgilde (Felmish Comicguild).
  • Publication of 14 pages comic Peter and the wolf in Brabant Strip Magazine (Belgian comicinformation) and interview
  • Early 2013 start of my comic based on Peter and the wolf, the classical music piece of Prokofjev.


  • Treaty of Utrecht. From 1712 till 1713 peace negotiations were held. All kind of activities are organized because of the 300 year jubilee. Also an online comic is made. Later this year a translation in English will be published. Click here for information.


  • Submission to Benelux Comic Competition 2011 of Job’s bird, a two page comic, made it to the long list.


  • Bi-weekly comic Made In Dolland with Dolly Bellefleur (script), published online at dollybellefleur.nl, wvds.net and facebook.


  • Submission of contribution Zwartland (Blackland) for the Benelux Comic Competition 2010, a two page comic, made it to the long list.
  • One of five nominees for Debutant of the year 2009 for my children’s book Pension Kat.


  • Decision to pick up my childhood’s dream and become a comic artist.
  • Nominated for children’s books award Hotze de Roosprijs 2009 for my book Pension Kat, made it to the longlis
  • Pension Kat on longlist of Dutch Children’s Jury 2009


  • Pension Kat (B&B Cat) – writer’s debut, MOON publishers, Dutch Media Amsterdam
  • Repelsteeltje (Rumpelstiltskin), fairytale, rewritten and illustrated. At that time published by Company of Books, Amsterdam. It was given as a gift when a product was bought in a supermarket.


  • publication of Ruby en de leeuw ( Ruby and the lion) picturebook made with author Tiny Fisscher


  • Married October 14, 2005 to Frank Hoek
  • publication of Ruby en de verdwenen tovertak ( Ruby and the lost magic branch) picturebook made with author Tiny Fisscher


  • publication of Liv vindt een schat ( Liv finds a treasure) picturebook made with author Tiny Fisscher


  • publication of Ik ben Liv (I am Liv) picturebook made with author Tiny Fisscher

1999 – 2006

  • started with paintings with a story, call them: Storyart, Picturebookpaintings or Children’s Art. With them I had 4 exhibitions at GO Gallery in Amsterdam. Out of them some (picture)books came. Like Liv (2 picturebooks), Ruby (2 picturebooks) en Pension Kat (=B&B Cat) (1 book)

1995 – now

  • illustrator for children’s books, various publishers, fiction and educational work, Netherlands and abroad

1994 – 2011

  • Food Magazine, monthly cartoon

1993 – 1994

  • visual development for Slurffsokken, project of Helen M. Klaassen, designs and illustrations for booklet
  • OIBIBIO, Amsterdam, assistent interior-designer / freelance co-worker

1993 – 2000

  • Best Publishing Group / GAY Krant, illustrations

1992 – 2002

  • EMMA TV – childrens hospital TV, Amsterdam Medical Center, Amsterdam, set design for teenagers’ programs


  • course videomovies, set design, set co-worker for Threepenny Opera, City’s Theater Arnhem & Het Hof Foundation

1989 – 1991

  • Academy for Expressive Arts, Tilburg, Design Educational Projects

1985 – 1988

  • Royal Academy for Arts and Design, ‘s Hertogenbosch, Visual Communication