Reviews Salto & Ubba

Saskia de Schutter (VRT’s LangZullenWeLezen): “He made it conscious to give the LGTBQ+ community a place in the Dutch-language comic strip, but shows that this certainly does not have to be restrictive.

Moors Magazine: “Salto and Ubba – two lives with ups and downs, friends, love and betrayal, new friendships, unexpected alliances and much more.” “An absolute must for every comic lover with a broad worldview who loves feel-good comics with a little friction every now and then.”

Cutting Edge: “A lot of attention to lifelike emotions, warm drawings in pastel colors and fun characters in an (to me) unknown world of bearlesque ensure that everyone will like this, even outside the world of LBTQIA+.”

Enola: “In everything they do, we as readers get a front-row view of their doubts, disappointments and successes.” “We always sympathized with everything that crossed Salto and Ubba’s path.” “Van der Steen succeeds brilliantly in this.”

9e Kunst: Salto & Ubba shows people “who follow their hearts, engage in unconventional cultural activities, destigmatize the (imperfect and half) naked male body” “turn out to be very ordinary, relatable people, and with all this encourage society to self-reflect”

Marc Legendre, Belgian author/cartoonist: “Just as there are restaurants where you can eat well, but which are not included in any guide, there are comics that deserve a star. Salto & Ubba from Wilbert van der Steen is such a delicious dish.”

Justin Hall, editor No Straight Lines: “I absolutely loved Salto and Ubba! Your characters have delightful personalities and designs and really light up the pages, and I’m already drawn into the world you’ve created. Your background in children’s books comes through in wonderful ways, as you’ve managed to hit this sweet spot with an engaging cartooniness that still illustrates a real diversity of body types and genuine emotion in the faces.”

David Shenton author Forty Lies : “I want the books to be turned into a Bearlesque musical. It would be a great night out. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and liked the baddies very much (the bastards) and admire your consistency of style and gripping plot line from start to finish.”