Review Salto & Ubba

(Google Translated) In the Salto & Ubba series, 2 volumes have now been published. And it makes me happy. In Salto & Ubba part 1 we got to know the main characters in a colorful story. Of course Salto and Ubba, a beautiful gay couple, one even-tempered, the other emotionally…


My new album ZON (Sun) will be for sale from September 6 2017, published by BLLOAN (Ballon Media). It’s a 62 page story, about a boy, his mother and their distorted relationship. And there is a death in the family …

New comic book ‘ZON’

My comic ‘ZON’ (=SUN) is here. September 6 is the official release date. As creator I have the privilege to have the first look! Join me in a peek.
A story about a boy, his mother, their distorted relation and a death in the family.