The dance of the envoys

dance_envoysIn 1713 the Treaty of Utrecht ended a long war in Europe. 300 Years later the City of Utrecht commemorated this Treaty with a grand cultural and educational program. Members of the Utrecht comic artists associationThe Inkpot cooperated in this comic album.

This comic book was also published in english. I made one page, about the period in which the negotiations were in a deadlock.

The dance of the envoys
published by De Inktpot
ISBN 97 89 4904 260 02
32 pages, full colour


De Inktpot (The Inkpot) is a bunch of comic artists living in and around the city of Utrecht, working together on various comic art projects.
I contributed to The dance of the envoys (about the peace treaty of Utrecht, 1713) and Cunera’s scarfe (patron of the town of Rhenen).